City of Kalahar

While the city is in unrest from millitary drafting. Kalla the son of the merchant prince of Kalahar and Mordhane Vocusta, son of Jarkin Vocusta, ambassador of the emperor of Dakisis and an archmage of the Bloodmages are summoned to the Arcane Bloodtower of Kalahar to discuss of a problematic merchant noble, Borocus. They are given the task of finding and killing the rogue noble by ambassador Vocusta.

They arrive at the noble’s mansion and find guards pillaging all the wealth. They convince the guarsd with diplomacy and veiled threats to give the location of Borocus. He was last seen at The Sucking Goblin, a whorehouse on the docks. Arriving at The Sucking Goblin, they found a big dirty orc Guarding the door. The party promptly killed the orc after been told this was a private only club. Wanting no trouble, the barkeper told them the curent location of Borocus, The Dancing Princess Inn.

The dancing Princess is a classy inn only available to nobles and the 4 dressed guards at the door promply recognise the royal party and let them in. Kalla ask the waitress for the location of Borocus and is told that the noble is in a private room in the back. While making their way, the group see 20 heavily armed soldier bursting out of a door escorting and hiding what seem to be a female elf. They were clothed with white dragonscale armor under a heavy nondescript cloak.

Kalla, intrigued, decided to continue the current task of finding Borocus. They made their way

City of Winterfell

The Party arrived at the city of Winterfell. It was decided that Garek the Ranger would scout for Winterfell’ mens while Darrak would stay at the gates with Lucius. Vel Dakken went to a small tavern where he knew he would find an informer. At the tavern, he quickly spotted Cole, a smuggler, and got information that the smuggler was to stay away from an arriving “package”. After some negociations he got the route that the mens from Winterfell were to take. We were to leave some bracers and to kill as many of the ennemy as possible!

We then made way to a sewer entry in a swamp near the city to embush the ennemy but instead found some lizardmens seeming to hide for an embush of their own. We defeated them right there on the spot but one lizardmen got away! They can run fast in the swamp! As of now, we don’t know why the lizardmans were waiting.

Alexander of Keith

After riding for 2 days, we arrived at the town of keith. The town was in ruins and the fire was still burning. the residents were busy putting the fires out but we managed to get hold of a town guard. The ranger and the rogue determined that the town was attacked by about 60 riding mens. The weapons on the dead bodies came from Val Dar. We soon met the Baron Alexander and he told us that her daughter was to wed the duke’s son but she was taken by the ennemy. He also told us about the heirloom she was wearing. A neckchain with a ring and a star. After a quick lunch it was decided that it was better to leave immediatly. We followed the trail in the woods for 2 days and came to the shore where we saw trace of beached boats. We rode west to a small fishing town and interogated fishermans. They told us about 2 unusual boats sailing north with Shadowlake’s banner. We returned to Shadowlake to find the duke waiting for us already in the news. We convinced him to use the portal to Winterfell. An unknown mage with the same heirloom as the girl sent us on our way. We teleported to a small abandoned church 2 days north of Winterfell where a unname Dragonborn was waiting for us. He had already spotted the 2 boats beached on a shore east of winterfell. We set a hard pace to intercept the small gang and we finally spotted them riding west for Winterfell. So we rode as fast as we could to Winterfell to wait for them.

An unusual package

The adventurer commune was setting up at the manor when a messenger came knocking at the gates. He delivered a request to escort a package. Vel Dakken, Azul, Darrack, Garek and Lucius took the road and were ambushed. We killed about 20 human looking thugs that day…

Cult of the black dragon

In Shadowlake, our party expanded with 3 new characters. Val dakken the frost assasin, Ana Nakova the priest of Kord and Leonidas the dragonborn warlord. Our 3 new friend with Garec and Darrack Son of Murthok are sent by the duke of Shadowlake to take care of a cult who treathen a small town west of shadowlake.

After arriving in Hopecrest, they meet the mayor, Labwellay. A darkman, heavy built, measuring over 7 feet who always wear a smile on is face. They are given an exquisite rhum when he explain that the cult have been taking mens from the town. The party set on the next morning with a scout on the dawn of a winter storm. Labwellay gave Darrack a bottle of rhum for the journey. The scout leave them almost halfway on the road to return to town. Garec take the lead but the winter storm intensify. With the dragonborn trailing behind, Garec loose his way and the delay take his tool on the party. They finaly arrive in a small temple where they find footprints and traces of a human dragged in the snow. The wooden gate of the temple is barred but The dragonborn with the help of Garec Barrel through the door only to find two guards at the end of a small bridge.

The dragonborn tries to use diplomacy but guards call for help. 2 other guard come running from the right and a berserker come from the left. A tall wizard also appear from the back. The wizard first action is to start a mecanism that slowly raise a big door in the back of the temple. The party take care of the cultist just before a young black dragon use is fearfull presence and cast a globe of darkness around the party. After a frightening start, the party attack the dragon even in while they are blinded by the magic. They finaly kill the dragon and take his hoard, an amulet of health, 500+ GP, 5 100gp gems and 2000 SP. They also take the dragon’s head back to the manor.

Shadowlake Spined Devil

Le duke Veldor de Shadowlake vous a demandé d’aller voir un petit vilage de bucherons a 2 jour de marche pour regler un probleme. Il semble qu’il avais un Spined Devil avec 20 Zombies qui Hantais le village. Une fois les monstres vaincues, Veldor le duke vous a donné un pied a terre a Shadowlake, Un petit manoir en pierre et en bois fortifié sur une colline.


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