Alexander of Keith

After riding for 2 days, we arrived at the town of keith. The town was in ruins and the fire was still burning. the residents were busy putting the fires out but we managed to get hold of a town guard. The ranger and the rogue determined that the town was attacked by about 60 riding mens. The weapons on the dead bodies came from Val Dar. We soon met the Baron Alexander and he told us that her daughter was to wed the duke’s son but she was taken by the ennemy. He also told us about the heirloom she was wearing. A neckchain with a ring and a star. After a quick lunch it was decided that it was better to leave immediatly. We followed the trail in the woods for 2 days and came to the shore where we saw trace of beached boats. We rode west to a small fishing town and interogated fishermans. They told us about 2 unusual boats sailing north with Shadowlake’s banner. We returned to Shadowlake to find the duke waiting for us already in the news. We convinced him to use the portal to Winterfell. An unknown mage with the same heirloom as the girl sent us on our way. We teleported to a small abandoned church 2 days north of Winterfell where a unname Dragonborn was waiting for us. He had already spotted the 2 boats beached on a shore east of winterfell. We set a hard pace to intercept the small gang and we finally spotted them riding west for Winterfell. So we rode as fast as we could to Winterfell to wait for them.



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