City of Kalahar

While the city is in unrest from millitary drafting. Kalla the son of the merchant prince of Kalahar and Mordhane Vocusta, son of Jarkin Vocusta, ambassador of the emperor of Dakisis and an archmage of the Bloodmages are summoned to the Arcane Bloodtower of Kalahar to discuss of a problematic merchant noble, Borocus. They are given the task of finding and killing the rogue noble by ambassador Vocusta.

They arrive at the noble’s mansion and find guards pillaging all the wealth. They convince the guarsd with diplomacy and veiled threats to give the location of Borocus. He was last seen at The Sucking Goblin, a whorehouse on the docks. Arriving at The Sucking Goblin, they found a big dirty orc Guarding the door. The party promptly killed the orc after been told this was a private only club. Wanting no trouble, the barkeper told them the curent location of Borocus, The Dancing Princess Inn.

The dancing Princess is a classy inn only available to nobles and the 4 dressed guards at the door promply recognise the royal party and let them in. Kalla ask the waitress for the location of Borocus and is told that the noble is in a private room in the back. While making their way, the group see 20 heavily armed soldier bursting out of a door escorting and hiding what seem to be a female elf. They were clothed with white dragonscale armor under a heavy nondescript cloak.

Kalla, intrigued, decided to continue the current task of finding Borocus. They made their way



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