City of Winterfell

The Party arrived at the city of Winterfell. It was decided that Garek the Ranger would scout for Winterfell’ mens while Darrak would stay at the gates with Lucius. Vel Dakken went to a small tavern where he knew he would find an informer. At the tavern, he quickly spotted Cole, a smuggler, and got information that the smuggler was to stay away from an arriving “package”. After some negociations he got the route that the mens from Winterfell were to take. We were to leave some bracers and to kill as many of the ennemy as possible!

We then made way to a sewer entry in a swamp near the city to embush the ennemy but instead found some lizardmens seeming to hide for an embush of their own. We defeated them right there on the spot but one lizardmen got away! They can run fast in the swamp! As of now, we don’t know why the lizardmans were waiting.



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