Cult of the black dragon

In Shadowlake, our party expanded with 3 new characters. Val dakken the frost assasin, Ana Nakova the priest of Kord and Leonidas the dragonborn warlord. Our 3 new friend with Garec and Darrack Son of Murthok are sent by the duke of Shadowlake to take care of a cult who treathen a small town west of shadowlake.

After arriving in Hopecrest, they meet the mayor, Labwellay. A darkman, heavy built, measuring over 7 feet who always wear a smile on is face. They are given an exquisite rhum when he explain that the cult have been taking mens from the town. The party set on the next morning with a scout on the dawn of a winter storm. Labwellay gave Darrack a bottle of rhum for the journey. The scout leave them almost halfway on the road to return to town. Garec take the lead but the winter storm intensify. With the dragonborn trailing behind, Garec loose his way and the delay take his tool on the party. They finaly arrive in a small temple where they find footprints and traces of a human dragged in the snow. The wooden gate of the temple is barred but The dragonborn with the help of Garec Barrel through the door only to find two guards at the end of a small bridge.

The dragonborn tries to use diplomacy but guards call for help. 2 other guard come running from the right and a berserker come from the left. A tall wizard also appear from the back. The wizard first action is to start a mecanism that slowly raise a big door in the back of the temple. The party take care of the cultist just before a young black dragon use is fearfull presence and cast a globe of darkness around the party. After a frightening start, the party attack the dragon even in while they are blinded by the magic. They finaly kill the dragon and take his hoard, an amulet of health, 500+ GP, 5 100gp gems and 2000 SP. They also take the dragon’s head back to the manor.

Shadowlake Spined Devil

Le duke Veldor de Shadowlake vous a demandé d’aller voir un petit vilage de bucherons a 2 jour de marche pour regler un probleme. Il semble qu’il avais un Spined Devil avec 20 Zombies qui Hantais le village. Une fois les monstres vaincues, Veldor le duke vous a donné un pied a terre a Shadowlake, Un petit manoir en pierre et en bois fortifié sur une colline.


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